The Beatles Revival Band Prague from the Czech Republic - one of the best and most successful European revival groups. Put together in 1992, the band has given more than 3800 great performances in the Czech Republic, Poland, Holland, Hungary, France, Slovakia. The key to the group's success lies in world-class interpretation of Beatles songs, picture-perfect image and stage choreography, and vocal and visual similarity to the original Beatles.
The band's repertoire consists of some 60 of the Liverpool legends' best-known tunes. Each song has been meticulously rehearsed after a careful study of studio performances and audio and video recordings from live concerts. Thanks to this approach, the group is not only able to play songs letter perfect, but it also captures the mood and atmosphere of every individual composition.
In like manner, the band pays close attention to the image and originality of equipment. Every detail is important. Using original VOX amps, Rickenbacker and Epiphone guitars, a signature Hofner Violin Bass, and a Ludwig drum set, the band achieves a sound that is undistinguishable from the original. What's more, the group has three sets of exact copies of Beatles outfits and even pays attention to such niceties as original Beatle Chelsea Cavern Boots, chrome-plated VOX stands, stylish color posters, which are made available to promoters, and many other seemingly unimportant details that help create a perfect overall image.
In the same way, the band has a no-compromise attitude to stage choreography, settling for no less that absolute authenticity. Everything matters - the position on the stage, a left-handed bass player - an element crucial for an authentic Beatles image, and typical movements copied from video recordings of the legendary quartet. All you have to do is close your eyes, feel the music, and you'll be taken instantaneously to Liverpool, circa 1964, and it will be the real Beatles singing on the stage.
A concert of The Beatles Revival Band Prague is a veritable copy of a performance of the original Beatles. Thanks to its authenticity, the band has been hired as a warm up act for such British legends as The Animals, Joe Cocker, The Rubettes, and The Smokie for their concerts in Poland. In addition, the group has performed at the Berlin Estrel Beatles Festival and on TV MarkÝza's 50th Senzi Senzus entertainment show, TV NOVA, MTV.
You can be sure that The Beatles Revival Band Prague will cheer up your party too! Call, fax, or email us for additional information and the band's concert schedule.
We look forward to entertaining you.

Types of events where the band performs
Concerts in culture centers and theaters, concerts in clubs, city festivals, beer festivals, vintage festivals, corporate parties, TV shows, music festivals, balls, dance parties, opening ceremonies, public relations events, private functions, warm up performances for famous bands, entertainment programs accompanying exhibitions or fashion shows, appearances at discotheques, entertainment programs accompanying congresses, conferences, and sports events, New Year's Eve parties, events promoting radio and television stations, oldies parties, and much more.

Types of performances
- Traditional concert - approx. 2x44 min. with a break - clubs, theaters, and culture centers (dress changes available)
- Dance series - 1 to 3x30 min. with two breaks (dress changes available) - clubs, parties, balls, etc.
- Playback set - approx. 15 min. - introduction of balls, corporate parties, TV performances
- Best Of - selection of the best-known hits, approx. 60 min. - balls, corporate parties, city festivals, etc.
- Music intermissions - music performances during various events up to 75 min. without a break

Original instruments and stage gear
- Solo guitar - Rickenbacker 330 Fireglow, VOX AC30 amplifier
- Rhythm guitar - Rickenbacker 350 Liverpool, Epiphone J160EVC John Lennon model, VOX AC30 amplifier
- Bass guitar - Lefthanded Hofner Violin Bass, VOX T100 amplifier
- Drums - Ludwig - Fab 4 Set, Black Oyster Finish

- A copy of black suits used during 1962 -1964 & Beatle Chelsea Cavern Boots
- A copy of grey suits with black lapels used during 1963 -1965 & Beatle Chelsea Cavern Boots
- A copy of Shea Stadium Jackets used during 1965-1966 & Beatle Chelsea Cavern Boots
- A copy of Sgt. Pepper's uniforms

The price of a performance is set based on a mutual agreement. We'll do our best to try to meet your needs whenever possible.

If you are interested in playing the band in your program, please contact our agent for your region.